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We simplify your life using automation created by humans with the power of A.I.

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The question that you should be asking is “What can Automation Captain NOT do?” When it comes to simplifying your tasks, work, and life, automation is a process that achieve it. If you can think it, we can most likely automate it. Let’s dream together of what we can automate!

Content Marketing

AI Virtual Chatbot

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Customer Service

AI Phone Agent

AI works everyday to help simplify life

Everyday, AI helps people with their everyday lives, jobs, transportation, education, health, and more, maybe even without them realizing it. 

Automation Captain is Built for You

We know that every task and customer need is different and that is why the first step is to meet with you to discuss your automation needs. Our process is built for you.

Customer Support

Automate the customer support experience


Create templates or detailed documents on the fly

Explore to the World

Leverage analytics to learn more about your processes

Sell Robustly

Communicate with customers and leads to increase sales


Need information? Build an automation to get the data


We can integrate automation with many third-party apps

Detailed Working Process

What sets us apart is we are very detailed oriented when it comes to automation. We will meet with you and detail the process before we start building so it is done right the first time.

Ideation Meeting

We begin the process by meeting first, in-person or virtually, to wonder and invent together how we can simply your tasks, work, and life.

Discerning Specification

Once we have the ideas, we discern it with a little more discussion to ensure we are building the right process before we create a specification build document.

Tenacious Implementation

Once we have a green light to begin, we start building the automation process with fierce tenacity to complete the process within our specified timeline.

Meet Our Expert Teams

Our approach to SEO is uniquely built around what SEO is uniquely built around we works and what we know doesn’t work.

Larry Collett

Founder / Innovator

Larry Brown

WordPress Developer

Lloyd Parks

Product Analysis

Mike Burwell

HTML Developer