AI Phone Agents

Deliver effortless CX at scale with a conversational platform that lets your customers speak naturally, interrupt, change topics — and always have a fantastic customer experience.

Let your customers lead the conversation

A customer-led conversational platform for enterprise. Resolve over 50% of calls and consistently deliver your best brand experience.

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology with our AI-powered phone agents, designed to transform your customer interactions and streamline your business operations. Our sophisticated AI solutions are tailored to meet the needs of companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, providing a seamless, automated communication system that enhances customer satisfaction and efficiency. By integrating our AI phone agents, you can ensure that your customers receive prompt, consistent, and accurate responses 24/7, without the overhead costs of traditional call centers.

Our AI phone agents are built using advanced machine learning algorithms that enable them to understand and respond to a wide range of customer inquiries with precision and human-like nuance. Whether it’s handling bookings, answering FAQs, or providing personalized recommendations, our technology is equipped to improve service quality while reducing response times. By adopting AI phone agents, your company will not only elevate its customer service but also gain valuable insights from data-driven analytics to continually refine strategies and customer interactions. Step into the future of business communication and give your company a competitive edge with our innovative AI solutions.

Increased capacity

Resolve complex inquiries — 24/7 and at scale — so you can handle larger volume without adding overhead.

Revenue gains

Immediately respond to 100% of contacts so customers engage, trust, and keep their business with you, not a competitor.

Empowered leaders

Modernize your CX stack and build a brand known for world-class customer service — all while mitigating risk and improving metrics.

Close more business, even when you're busy.

Equip your business with 24/7 virtual receptionists powered by the most advanced voice AI technology.

Simple pricing that scales to suit your needs

Scale your voice assistant with confidence across your organization and use cases with a transparent pricing structure. Ongoing use of the voice assistant is priced on a per-minute basis, which includes proactive performance improvements, maintenance and 24/7 support.


$199 account setup
$20 Monthly Minimum


$199 account setup


$199 account setup


Let’s talk about
your custom needs

* additional automation(s) and integrations will incur an additional setup fee per automation action.
^ Actions include automation runs, queries, third-party connections, etc.

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Automation Captain’s Artificial Intelligence will answer the phone, provide exceptional customer service and book appointments — just like your best sales person.

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