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Simplify your Life Work Tasks with Automation Captain

Not all processes can be developed with a robot. That is why, at Automation Captain, you get a real human to work with you to build your processes that will save you time, money, and give you your life back.

Automating designed to revolutionize the way we work

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What Can You Do

Personalize Your New 24/7 Team Member

Businesses face slow, and repetitive tasks on a daily basis. In light of this, both automation and artificial intelligence have proven essential to handle those tasks and support human labor in the workplace. Eliminate those routine tasks by leveraging Generative AI and Automation with the real humans of Automation Captain.

We meet with you and sketch out your automation workflow

Because a real human is meeting with you, we get to fully understand your needs and can offer time-saving suggestions to increase your productivity. When we can take the repetitive and more mundane tasks off your plate, you get your life back to focus on what’s important to you. During our initial, no-cost consultation, we ask you a series of questions regarding your daily tasks that we can help automate including social media, web and email communications, lead generation, customer support, etc.


What we do is Meant to be simple yet so powerful

We make growing your team of AIs simple and easy. Whether you want to scale up your website content, email marketing, customer service communications, or auto post to your social accounts, Automation Captain is the company for you. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do to help simplify your life. 


Time is money and we help you leverage that time

Whether it is you that is doing the repetitiveor mundane tasks, or you have another team member doing the work, we can help you save that time and money to focus on more productive tasks. Let Automation Captain save you time and money by leveraging automation technology.

How It Works

The sky is the limit on what you can do using automation and generative AI

Every automation is different and needs the proper planning and evaluating of the automation ideas that will best make your tasks, work, and life better. It starts with a meeting.

First, we Meet and Wonder

It's not just about auto-replying to visitor questions on your website. We can help you create an email journey, answer the phone, write a blog for your website, and more.

Strategize & Invent

We help you automate what you know you and want and what you didn't even know you wanted. Imagine creating a SMS customer service agent that responds to text messages.

Implement and Automate

Once we have the ideas and build out the processes, we implement this automation using a schedule that is exactly what you desire for each process that is created giving you back your time.

“Celebrating big time and giving the glory to God for Ranking #2 under Naturopathy for Summerville. I wasn’t even close a few months ago. Grateful for Larry Collett for insights…”

- Bonnie Schnautz

( Owner, Digestive Health Specialist, Naturopathic Doctor )

Automation Opportunties

Automate To Better Your Work Flow

Automate a Long Form Blog that writes to your WordPress

Adding content to your website can be a difficult and time consuming process. Take the guesswork out of keeping your website updated with automation.

Scale your SEO Content right into your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website, we can automate content to create new posts and set to draft for your to review.

Send automated Welcome Email to Mailchimp Subscribers

Someone subscribe to your newsletter or email list? Send a welcome email to them and guide them to the next steps.

Build a SMS Agent that will Respond to your Audience

We can create a custom phone number for you and chat with your customers when they text you.

Personalize Your Website, Answer A Chat, Communicate With Your Customers

Using A.I. to automate your tasks, work, or life gives you back your time to do the things that demand your attention and time.