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AI's growing influence in automation is undeniable

Whether business or personal, automation can help free up your time to get things done. Automation Captain is your virtual assistant working for you 24/7.

We have been running in BETA for over 9 months and we’re working with some amazing companies…

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Ideation Meeting

We begin the process by meeting first, in-person or virtually, to wonder and invent together how we can simply your tasks, work, and life.

Discerning Specification

Once we have the ideas, we discern it with a little more discussion to ensure we are building the right process before we create a specification build document.

Tenacious Implementation

Once we have a green light to begin, we start building the automation process with fierce tenacity to complete the process within our specified timeline.

Deliver consistent and intelligent customer care with conversational AI

Automation Captain is fast becoming a market-leading automation intelligence platform designed to help you overcome the friction of traditional tasks and deliver exceptional experiences.